Because I’ll never be ready.

I’m drowning in this thing they call patience. First you have to learn it when you’re in a relationship, but that really doesn’t hold a candle to the patience you need when you become a parent. The birthing classes should really be replaced with an intense course where you learn patience as a skill and you can’t give birth until you earn your certificate. Then for us working parents, that time in the car after drop off, whether it’s 5 or 50 minutes gives us the reset time we need to go be normal adults for part of the day. That’s all fine and dandy until you find yourself in a leadership position at work. Again, where’s my seminar about patience? Now I need patience in 100% of my life. So as a thirty-something stuck in the life sprint defined by raising small kids while in rapid career growth, I am giving up my patience for my own agenda. And that means writing this blog. Now. During soccer practice. Or while the kids are having tablet time. Or in the middle of the night when my brain woke me up about some brilliant idea about the housing market. I’m out of the fog of toddler sleep deprivation, but not bombarded with teen angst, so it’s now or never! My patience for not doing more things to make a difference is up. My patience for not being there for other women in leadership who are trying to have it all and do it all and be it all is up. My patience for not practicing what I preach is up. I’m here for me and for you and for these people…

Here’s the adorable #Instagram version of my family…


Here’s how you’ll normally find us…


And here’s how I think of us in my own head…


We’re some sort of combination of all three. Messy, learning, awesome, failing, laughing, crying, or melting down. We want to make a difference, be the best versions of ourselves, and raise kids to do way more than we were able to. Thanks for coming along.

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